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We recognize the importance that ministries, non-profits, and charitable organizations have in our community and our world. As a business, we donate a portion of our sales every month to organizations both here locally in Gainesville, in our region, and globally.

Please read below to learn more about these great organizations, what their missions are, and how you can join us in supporting them!

Jochebed’s Hope
Jochebed's Hope is a new ministry at Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville. Being an adoptive family, this is a ministry that we are very passionate about, and know is doing great work with foster and adopting families.

Their mission is to: 
• Encourage the community of believers in Christ to embrace adoption, orphan care and foster care, and to offer ministry and support to families and children. 
• Promote the Biblical foundation for adoption. 
• Call upon individuals to share in the God given responsibility of orphan and foster care and to provide support to care for children in need. 

If you are an adoptive or foster family, or are thinking about becoming one, this is a great ministry to get involved with. 

To learn more about Jochebed’s hope visit 


Ekklesia International Tanzania (Tanzania, East Africa) 

Ekklesia International Tanzania is building relationships with the people, sharing Christ's love in word and deed, and supporting and creating projects that will promote sustainable improvements to their ways of living. They believe that through these relationships they can help lead people to Christ. 

EIT, through their Beloved Projects, is working toward establishing a place of safety and refuge for victims of trafficking desperate for a way out. The Beloved Project offers precisely that which seems out of reach for women in this industry: a new beginning and a place to call home. The House of Victory is a house of hope. By providing food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care and job training, The Beloved Project will offer these women the basic necessities of a “normal life” that we so often take for granted, while reminding them of their dignity as persons. 

For more information on EIT and how you can support their ministry visit or 


Bridge The City (Gainesville, Ga)

BRIDGE: a means, time or place of transition or connection 

Bridge the City was started in the Fall of 2015 by Andrew Bearden. Bridge the City exists to meet needs in the city of Gainesville through acts of compassion and awareness. Whether it’s providing a meal to a homeless community, getting school supplies to students living under the poverty line, to connecting those who have with those who have not – BTC is all about changing the city for the better. 

To invest, partner or participant in a project, or if you just have questions about BTC, please contact Andrew at


Victory 91.5 and Jochebed's Hope 

We are also underwriters of Victory 91.5, a Christian radio station out of Cumming, Ga and supporters of the local adoption and foster ministry Jochebed’s Hope. For more information on Victory visit and to learn more about Jochebed’s hope visit 

Thanks for your consideration in helping us support these great organizations.

Feel free to contact us with any question on how you can get involved.